• Company
    Brief company profile. From classical transport to Europe-wide logistics and complex warehousing solutions.
    • Location
      Here you will find an overview of our location including a map of where to find us, route description, site plans and aerial views of the company premises.
    • Fleet
      An overview of our complete vehicle fleet. With technical data and figures on all of our vehicles and transport solutions
    • Facts and figures
      A collection of the most important facts, figures and data on the company.
    • History
      Our company history. 62 years in a nutshell.
  • Services
    A short summary of our varied range of services.
    • Fulfillment
      Learn more about state-of-the-art logistics services in the field of E-commerce.
    • Warehousing
      Page with comprehensive information on the field of warehousing
    • Import/Export
      An overview of our international transport links. Whether by road, by rail, by ship or by air.
    • Courier express
      Description of our courier express services, in short KEP. For when you are in a hurry!
    • Short-distance transport
      Thanks to our short-distance transport links and comprehensive supply and collection from production sites in a 100km radius around Trier. With an overview map of the catchment area.
    • Long-distance transport
      Transportation of all kinds of goods throughout Germany. Solutions for extra-long and extra-wide loads.
    • Rail links
      We opt for the railway. Learn more about the advantages of rail as a transport option.
    • 24-Plus system transports
      We are a member of the 24plus logistics network. Learn more about this Europe-wide distribution network.
  • Contact
    Contact us! This is where you find all of the important data.
    • Personnel
      Complete overview of your contacts in all of our operational fields.

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