Modern warehousing is the lynchpin of our range of services. We take care of storage, order picking and packaging of a whole range of goods from industry and commerce.

  • Storage: We are geared for multi-modal options. That means: your goods reach us by rail, road or inland waterway up to Trier harbour. We unload your goods from any kind of freight container and put them in storage. A message is all we need to take your goods out of storage again, for loading and shipping.
  • Order picking: you tell us what goes together. And we draw up a consignment from your pack list.
  • Packaging: automotive logistics is the crowning discipline in our sector. That is why we are proud to be able to say we take care of packaging for well-known customers in the car industry. For example we compile ready-to-sell sport chassis sets from silencers, springs, assembly instructions and accessories. That means: mounted, packed and labelled.  Simply ready to sell.

Of course our warehousing operations are computerised with modern scanners, data networks, warehouse administration and arrivals systems. With us, your stocks are as transparent as possible.

You can contact out inventory controlling online 24 hours a day. All data is available live, without any time lapse. Our customers are always able to access the current stock data and can intervene at all times, perhaps to define new minimum stock levels or threshold levels. 

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Facts and figures

  • 20,000 m˛ hall area
  • 9,000 of which heated
  • 2 railway sidings
  • 12,000 storage spaces in the high-rack warehouse
  • Compartment shelving system over 3 levels
  • 20 fork lift trucks from 1.5 to 8 tonnes lifting power and 12.5m lifting height
  • Fork lift trucks with roll clamps
  • Burglar alarm
  • Video monitoring

Your contact:

Lutwin Sauer

Head of warehousing

+49 (651) 9 68 15 63
+49 (651) 9 68 15 98 40
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